by Serenius

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released April 9, 2012



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Serenius France

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Track Name: Joy Malleability
Verse I:
You're missing so much
When you come to think troubles are boring
Losing your time with negativity
You're not a shape, form your life!
After all, serious things are so rare
Do you really think that so much things matters?
Superficial Considerations
Burn the weight you created

I'm still breathing, I'm still
Fighting, and I won't
Let them crush your life,

I'm still feeling, I'm still
Giving, to show you that
Joy can be yours,

Verse II:
This is my deepest goal
To show you your freedom
You're free to choose your path
You're free to become what you want
Troubles are just so insignificant
When you come to think it's just games
Levels to surpasse
And efforts to be proud of

Verse III:
You're losing your time, complaining
Instead of feeding your life
Do not let despair invade your mind
For you may lose yourself in a narrow space
You have the power to control your feelings
Your life is yours, you're not a slave
Breath, every moments are good
Now it's time to destroy the chains of ...

Never forget that happiness is
Available for everyone

It's just a question of relativity, Let's
Open your mind, and aware your thoughts
Track Name: Links
Verse I:
Love, Friendship,
Those links between the livings
Most of us have forgotten the rules
You have duties when you link with someone
Emotions are getting you to create
Senseless links with anybody
Futile bounds made to die
It's time to stop those blinded lies

No one have the right to break a heart
No one have the right to betray a link

Verse II:
Egoism makes you be so
And you don't even see it!
Blinded ones,
Don't create links if you
Don't accept the purpose beyond!
Love isn't a game!!

Verse III:
Most of people just want someone to
give them love and care, like a leech
Don't fuck with people's feelings
Stay alone, or stay forever!
You must know who you are
Before wanting to love someone
Stop wanting to feed your emptiness
You can't love when your hole is digging

Verse IV:
I wish they could realise and understand!
Love Corruption!!!
Black hearts will never reach love
You, people who believe in true love
Can't you feel the virus upon us?!

Love is forsaken
But I still have hope
This lie will fall
True love is eternal
Track Name: Heartless
Verse I:
That soft butterfly ripped apart my wings
While I was taking care of our future
But she get tempted by what we were fighting for so long
And without realizing it, she became a monster
She locked me into that painful black box
And condemned me to lose the colors of my eyes
My life became a long wait the day she died
Under the corruption's knife

Walking on remains, I am

Verse II:
Your core was made of flowers
Your heart was so sweet
Only your voice was able to make me magicful
And so I made this pacte
Wanting to make you joyful
We fought for truth, but lies licked your heart

You throw me into thoses
Flames you feared so much
No lips can kiss my heart
You doomed me to be alone
One day, this shadow faded into your heart
I believed in you, but you lost your mind

Verse III:
I saw who you truly were
Since the very first day
And I loved you for that
But now, your soul is trapped

Verse IV:
And so, you ruined
Everything in our world
Blinded by their lies
You became a blank witch
Under their orders, you put
My heart in nightmare

Listen to thoses cries of pain and loneliness, at night

Transition / Chorus:
I will open my eyes
One day, once again
Black tears on my fucking cheek
But forever will I be

Forever heartless!
Track Name: Path of Void
Wake up and stand
In the path of void
You shall never fall
They stole and condemned you
To the path of void
You shall never fall

Don't die!
Track Name: The Burden Messenger
Inconscient life
teared apart by your desires
That you let be, 'cause you don't want to con *
-trol what you bear
You confort yourself in excuses
Telling - that it's your life, your road
But that doesn't give you the right to be
Blind and selfish


You can't hide from his eyes
You won't avoid your judgment
Running away is useless against ...
The Burden Messenger
He is your reflection
The mirror that you hate
The hourglass of your actions
The Burden Messenger

I appear in your life like a
Ghost of damnation
All the despair or joy
I make is deserved
I'm summoned by the acts of
fools or wise
I am the justice you
create by your own

It's all so bright, so much fear inside you
You now realise what you've been escaping
You understand that the place where you are is the mansion of ...
The burden messenger!!!

Good or Bad
I sent the sentence of your acts
Don't blame life
'Cause she gived you all
I want none
Of your excuses, I feel nothing
I am blank
The Burden Messenger

You wake up slowly
Hearing a dying whisper
All sweating, almost crying
And you will - Never forget this
You can feel his eyes on you
A slug - sliding out your mouth
You have to choose, and

You can't hide from his eyes
You won't avoid your judgment
Runing away is useless against ...
The Burden Messenger
He is your reflection
The mirror that you hate
The hourglass of your actions
He will watch you forever
Track Name: Human System
Verse I:
System of unthinking people, their eyes are blank!
What is important, what is not? What does it mean to live?
Politics, Television, reckless, these are things that you wont think about
Corruption, so deeply inside

Human System
This spider trap
I wish everyone could know!

Human System
This giant screen
I want to free all those minds!

Verse II:
Welcome to the human system, we'll now take on your soul
We know how you must live for the sake of our projects
NO! I don't think so. Your reality is disgusting me!
I live free, with my planet!

Verse III:
You don't realize it
But you're trapped in ignorance
There's so much data
So much useless ones
Taken from the birth
You didn't had the time to understand
That what they think is important
Is foolish

They have forgotten their lives for this formated road
You must think about your life beyond any limits, stay strong!
Track Name: Between the Dragons
Verse I:
Between the Dragons
I can feel their breaths
Between the Dragons
I can feel their power
Futility is melting
in people's minds
Beyond this grey facade
The monster lies

Verse II:
Creating survival rules to make you dependent
So you can't see what's within, and what lies beyond
Money, social status, systems of control
An open tomb called society

Blinded people,

Come! Creatures of freedom!
Between the dragons
Crush the buildings of lies!
Between the dragons

Verse III:
Destruction would not be a solution
We just need to free ourselves
From the veil they want us to wear
Just think about what would you be
Without society
What's important in your perception of life

Couplet 04:
I became a dragon
Look at my wings that means so much
I became a dragon
My flames are salvation!
Roar! To the top of the mountain
My friends, you'll be saved!
Burn away the roots of your poisonous addiction!
Track Name: Incompatible
Verse I:
They tried to connect him, but the system failed
They search for the cause, but they can't find
He's like an unknown file, misclassified
Can they even consider his life?
Rejected by the zombie army they created
he prefer to stay alone than being corrupted
unformatable, for them
He's nothing more than a virus

Verse II:
Lonely life, by his one existance
People are running away 'cause they don't understand
He's left alone 'cause their mind can't see
No one to hear, no one to speak to
Even if they stare at me like I disgust them
Even if I may have the whole world against me
I wanna help him out, to destroy his
Feeling of pain!!

Forsaken wisdom
Forbidden knowledge
Forgotten freedom
For they are under control!

Verse III:
The baby is born!
Quick! Put the software in his brain!
... Nice! Now he's gonna turn into one of our slaves
He'll forget soon enough about the strengh of his will
and with that, all his futile dreams
Trained at school, he'll think in the limits we'll fix
And will follow unconsciously the way we want him to be

And yet, you find the breach
Overcoming their firewalls
You're out of their reach
'cause their awareness is

His existence for them is
They scan and scan but it's still
Data analysed as a virus
Access denied, connection's died
Clean up the disk and reboot the system
Track Name: Still Alive
Verse I:
Do you have dreams? do you have hopes?
Do you realise the power of your choices?
Your will has no limit!
The true failure is to give up!

Never give up the dreams you have
Never give up the path you want
Never forget what means your life
We are still alive
Never lose to your inner fears
Never lose to the pains you get
Do what must be done
We are still alive

Verse II:
Never give up your dreams
Believe in your convictions
You've got the power of mountains
Within you dwells this magic
Of infinite possibilities
Become the giant

Prove to the whole world
Against all reasons
Against all judgments
You can do all you want